Know Your Worth

Gearing up for job search season. It’s a necessary process, yet each time I feel like a novice starting again. I build myself up, encouraging myself to be bold for change. I am chasing my best life right? I knew I needed help so I did some research and found a very interesting webinar that gave me a much-needed boost.

I wanted to focus on my negotiating abilities. How do I become a better negotiator without being too brash for potential employers? Do I just accept that women make less? I needed answers. I listened to webinar hosted by two of Scotwork’s amazing negotiation consultants, Jill Campen and Violaine Galland. It opened my eyes to some areas of growth for my negotiating abilities. Scotwork is a company working to transform the way you do business. They’re all about reflecting and refining processes. By giving people negotiation training, especially women, that help them hold their own in the business world. Just the boost I need to focus on this search and make the impact I want. Everyone can use negotiation tools and skills to be more assertive, profitable and successful.

So here are some key points from the free webinar that resonate with me.

  1. Don’t take no for an answer! If you get a no ask for feedback and be specific. Understand this is not rejection but the beginning of negotiation. We all are negotiating all of the time. You have to take the time to try to get what you want. To get what I want I need to face my fears and push to get farther than before. Did you know 63% of women feel uncomfortable negotiating their salaries? In this day and age where we are capable of the work, have the skills, but leave at the first sigh of resistance. I personally am pushing myself to get what is deserved.
  2. We as women are great planners, excellent listeners, and have great empathy. This is an advantage for negotiating and pursuing what you want. Being prepared to negotiate is key. Name what you want and be specific on the outcome you desire. Do your homework and be realistic with what you are asking. Know what would be your walk away point. Taking time to self-reflect and having a specific end goal in mind for negotiation is key.
  3. Lastly, be confident in what you bring to the table. Know what incentive you can offer to get what you want. By naming specific skills and using language they do to describe the position, you validate your stance for negotiation. Building confident internal dialog from “I can” to “I will” sets you in the driver seat to push the negotiation further. Be fearless and keep pushing forward looking for answers.

My take away is there is no harm in asking. If you want a position or opportunity keep pushing until you get closer to the outcome desired. Remember do not fear “NO”, its just the beginning of negotiating.

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